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Cimeon Daniel - Dancer

Agile dancer Cimeon Daniel displays his talent at krumping for everyone to see.


Added: 03.01.2012

From: BMT Staff

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Dane Wagner - Dance

Dane Wagner - Dancer/Actor/Singer.


Added: 04.07.2011

From: BMT Staff

Views: 7172

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Laura Jacobs - Fire Dervish

Laura Jacobs of Roncalli performs Fire Dervish at the Bremen Musical Theater.


Added: 08.03.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Tony Phan - Breakdancer

Tony "Tung-Fu" Phan also known as "BBoy"
Edited by Nate Nocks.


Added: 07.02.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Justin Jackson - Tap Dancing

Justin Jackson is the nine time Canadian Tap Dancing Champion who recently performed in the Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


Added: 06.09.2010

From: BMT Staff

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James Times - Dance

James Times, performing Michael Jackson's "Dangerous"


Added: 02.08.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Rasa Vitalia - Dance Artist

Rasa Vitalia, Dance Artist. Dance Art Performance. (,
Videography, Editing, and Motion Graphics by Robb Pope of Dijjital Ambiance (dijjital [at] gmail). Additional cinematography by Toshi Hoo. Shot at Flowspace in Berkeley with a Canon 7D.
Music by Phil Thornton


Added: 27.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Andy The Man - Dance

See some great moves performed by ATM in this entertaining dance reel.


Added: 27.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 8923

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Jino Fort -Dance Reel

Jino Fort shows off some of his best dance step Free Style


Added: 25.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 7515

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Joan Davis - Billy Jean

Joan Davis dances to Michael Jackson's song Billy Jean.


Added: 23.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 7059

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Glow Stringing

Glow stringing on techno beats. They look pretty good.


Added: 23.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 8039

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Active Dancers

Active Dancers showing their ware as both a singing and dancing group. They were featured in several music videos from hit reggae artist such as Shaggy and Shabba Ranks.


Added: 21.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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