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Samantha Glover - Stairway To Heaven

Samantha Glover cover/tribute to Led Zeppelin's " Stairway to Heaven" performed in Houston Texas.
Directed by Ryan Small


Added: 01.10.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Niki Saletta - Fake I.D.

Fake I.D. written and performed by Niki Saletta. She also played Deena on 7th Heaven and is in the running to be a new cast member of Glee.


Added: 10.05.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Obijuan - Stairway to Heaven

John "Obijuan" Pomales is a natural-born experienced guitarist and vocalist, In the early 80's Obijuan was instrumental and a part of the Miami sound explosion. Obijuan toured with Sweet Sensations,Magic Mike, Nice and Wild, Stevie B.,Debbie Gibson and was promoted by Mario Aliyon promotions who promoted Miami Sound Machine while attached to Studio Q and Cheetah Records in Orlando, played in the Coca-cola festivals,Daytona MTV spring break and Dance Party USA just to name a few.


Added: 08.03.2011

From: BMT Staff

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