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Samantha Glover - Stairway To Heaven

Samantha Glover cover/tribute to Led Zeppelin's " Stairway to Heaven" performed in Houston Texas.
Directed by Ryan Small


Added: 01.10.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Blonde Addiction - Wicked Game

The premiere music video for Blonde Addiction. A rocking cover of Chris Isaak's classic song "Wicked Game." Directed by Sean Callahan. Cinematography by Michael Roy.
Khierstin Nicole - Vocals/Songwriter
Rob Miranda - Guitar/Songwriter
Victor Medina - Bass
Chris Hendrich - Drums


Added: 02.07.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Mark Anthony - Blue Knight

Its every Rookies dream to make a difference when they join the police force but after years of being on the job and doing under cover narcotics work you start to wonder who the good guys are. For one NYPD Narcotics Detective named Mark Martinez (played by Mark Anthony) that was his dream. He spent 10 years on the police force protecting and servicing the City of New York but after being transfer to a new narcotics unit his new boss Sergeant Donato (played by Peter Greene) an old school cop who plays by his own set of rules begins to wonder if Detective Martinez has what it takes to be on his unit. Now caught in a web of corruption, racism and betrayal he is writing his memoirs from inside a federal prison doing fifteen to life and exposing the same people he thought was his Police brothers. This Cop is telling it all but in doing so he breaks the one code of all Police brothers The Blue Wall of Silence.

Written & Directed by Mark Anthony


Added: 22.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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