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Youtube amazing dancer cimeon daniel

Aamazing poping locking robotic dance moves!


Added: 12.07.2011

From: cimeon daniel

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Dane Wagner - Dance

Dane Wagner - Dancer/Actor/Singer.


Added: 04.07.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Rasa Vitalia - Dance Artist

Rasa Vitalia, Dance Artist. Dance Art Performance. (,
Videography, Editing, and Motion Graphics by Robb Pope of Dijjital Ambiance (dijjital [at] gmail). Additional cinematography by Toshi Hoo. Shot at Flowspace in Berkeley with a Canon 7D.
Music by Phil Thornton


Added: 27.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 6263

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Andy The Man - Dance

See some great moves performed by ATM in this entertaining dance reel.


Added: 27.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 8979

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RJ Martine - Empty

EMPTY - Aboriginal artist and lead vocalist RJ Martine from Toronto Canada based Funk Rock solo project, JOYSLAM presents the video for "EMPTY".
"EMPTY" is a Funky Groove With Attitude !! Featuring an infectious Bass and manic Guitars in this dance hook laden song.
This track is currently receiving airplay on the ETV Network.


Added: 23.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

Views: 7441

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