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BMT @ Couture Fashion Week

Aurora of BMT was at the Couture Fashion Week and interviewed Kostas, Andres Aquino, Citra Gala and Susan Korwin.


Added: 04.03.2012

From: BMT Staff

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Diva Gash - Masters Of Love

Masters Of Love by Gash one of the most important independent rock bands in Bogota Colombia.

They blend classic genres from 70's and 80's such as; Funk, Disco, Retro Rock, Electronic beats, Latin Grooves, Metal riffs and Hip-Hop rhymes. They are the pioneers of the Latin American avant-garde musical movement. Their refined look and strong live show appeals to everyone.


Added: 10.05.2011

From: BMT Staff

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George Romanacce and Generation Letter - King Of Peace

George Romanacce and Generation Letter (with Bob Kauflin and Alli Gilland) lead their song "King of Peace" at the Next 2010 conference in Baltimore, Maryland, May 28-31, 2010


Added: 10.05.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Niki Saletta - Fake I.D.

Fake I.D. written and performed by Niki Saletta. She also played Deena on 7th Heaven and is in the running to be a new cast member of Glee.


Added: 10.05.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Team Zoic

Team Zoic
Directed by Andy "Blue" Taylor & Danny Bruno
Shot & Edited by Danny Bruno of the Bruno Brothers
Produced by DiViNCi of Solillaquists of Sound


Added: 20.12.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Jess Rodz - Let's Stay

Jess Rodz - Composer, producer, and lead guitarist of Rotten Tribe performing "Let's Stay"


Added: 03.10.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Starr Thomas interview with Urban Fashion Network

Young fashion designer of East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Starr Thomas interviews with Urban Fashion Network about her fashion collection titled "Fusionista" and the designer competition for Today's Black Woman Magazine's Designer of the year contest. Starr creates special occasion gowns. You can find more young Fashion Designers at


Added: 28.09.2010

From: Urban Fashion Network

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Hillary Weaver - Tell The Next Girl

Hillary Weaver - Were Smokin Hot CD Release Party
Hillary Weaver is a Rising Artist in Canada. She was one of the Top Ten Finalist- Rising Star Awards 2009 as part of British Music Week
"Tell the Next Girl" wins Best Pop Song in the prestigious 2009 Great American Song


Added: 06.09.2010

From: BMT Staff

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