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Dancing Animation

Crazy Frog - an animation created through 3D rendering by Pietro


Added: 28.10.2010

From: Taku Uechi

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Nico's Corner - NYC Comicon A

Nico visits the New York Comic Convention 2009 to interview some of the industry's biggest names such as Herb Trimpe - Hulk, Dick Ayers - Sgt. Fury, X-Men; Peter David - Iron Man, X-Factor, Dark Tower, Fallen Angel; Bryan Glass - Mice Templar, Magician Apprentice; Robert Atkins - G.I. Joe, Heroes, Bounty Hunter


Added: 23.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a pop song by Go Go's guitarist Jane Wiedlin


Added: 10.05.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Bigg Mike - Salute

Bigg Mike "Salute" Feat. Fella
Produced by - B.M.E. and Big Gates Records Directed by NVDonline
A CSR Promotion


Added: 04.03.2012

From: BMT Staff

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Nico's Corner - Comicon 2010 A

Nico interviews Michael McMillan of Lucid, Mike Kennedy writer of Bleed Out and Sanford Greene artist of Bleed Out


Added: 18.10.2010

From: BMT Staff

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James Times - Dance

James Times, performing Michael Jackson's "Dangerous"


Added: 02.08.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Aeneas Kreaux - Cry

Produced by Junior Sanchez and Solomon Cortes. Written by Solomon Cortes, Sandflower Dyson, and Anthony Jean-Bart. Contains phrases from Godley And Creme's 'Cry'.
Introducing Nev.


Added: 03.10.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Steve DeVito

Steve DeVito acting montage.
Available for Films,Commercials,Plays & dinner shows.
Steve is extremely versatile and unique.


Added: 06.09.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Stephanie Sorel - Come On

Stephanie Sorel's music video "Come On" off her new album "DESIRE" available now on iTunes, AmazonMp3, Napster, Rhapsody and all online music stores


Added: 08.03.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Jaysin Katsikis

Jaysin Katsikis

Since his ground breaking live performance debut on Broadway at Caroline's Comedy
Club and restaurant Comedy Nation and appearing on Rosie O' Donnell's show in the
late 90's, Jaysin Katsikis has created a one of a kind " Entertainment Experience"
by working his unique,dynamic, quick witted and improvisational magic on thousands
of delighted fans across America.


Added: 21.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Rhea Roma - Performer

Rhea Roma - Performer Extraordinaire

Rhea Roma - performed at Sandra Giles' annual Toys for Tots benefit in Marina del Rey, CA.
In addition to entertaining, Rhea is a producer, a talent agent, and has received international acclaim for her sword swallowing and fire eating artistry.
Music is by Bill Conti, "Gonna Fly Now" (Theme from Rocky).


Added: 21.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Ashaley Mc Daniel - Comedienne

Ashaley McDaniel - showcases her talent as a comedienne.


Added: 04.07.2011

From: BMT Staff

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Gethsemane - Red Roses

Gethsemane performs their song Red Roses on stage.


Added: 21.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Romane Simone - Demo Reel

Romane Simon - Actor, Fight Choreographer and Producer.


Added: 31.10.2010

From: BMT Staff

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Rasa Vitalia - Dance Artist

Rasa Vitalia, Dance Artist. Dance Art Performance. (,
Videography, Editing, and Motion Graphics by Robb Pope of Dijjital Ambiance (dijjital [at] gmail). Additional cinematography by Toshi Hoo. Shot at Flowspace in Berkeley with a Canon 7D.
Music by Phil Thornton


Added: 27.06.2010

From: BMT Staff

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